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Organics Sector
Ken Davidson
/ Categories: Case Studies

Organics Sector

Customer Feedback Identifies Company USP & Directs Marketing Activity

It is tempting for some businesses to base their marketing decisions on anecdotal evidence, sometimes without providing objective first hand customer feedback.​

This expanding treatment facility wished to gauge the views of its clients in order to understand how it was perceived in the marketplace and, importantly, how it could differentiate from its competitors. 

​The WasteVyne devised and directed a confidential telephone survey across the customer base, providing in-depth insights per sector and identifying areas of strength, as well as for potential improvement.

​Customer satisfaction ratings were pinpointed across several key performance indicators, with customer comments bringing real experiences to life. Some of the feedback came as a surprise to the client. Specific actions were then drawn up in order to monitor and maintain high service levels, to ensure the business continued to surpass customer expectations.  Some insights were also used to inform marketing communication activities, playing on the company’s unique selling points.

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