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Learn more about The WasteVyne's customer feedback programme

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Are you looking to reduce customer churn to your competitors, to improve performance across your depots or sites, or even to improve collaboration within your teams? Then you will certainly benefit from hearing what your customers have to say.  This short video provides further information on our objective approach and how your business can benefit. 

The WasteVyne works in partnership with Freelance Marketing to offer you a range of market research, marketing & sales services for the waste sector.  Call us to find out more.


Why Use The WasteVyne?

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With your internal teams focused upon the day to day running of the business, using an experienced external resource can actually save you money in the long run. The WasteVyne acts as a connection point to identify market opportunities within the industry and to bring them to fruition. Combining both sales & marketing expertise, we gain a deeper understanding of where you would like to be in the longer term, so that we can work with you to grow that business in the most profitable areas.  


Plastics Market Situation

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The Plastics Market Situation Report is part of WRAP’s series of reports that provides in-depth information on the latest economic, market and regulatory trends affecting the capture and recycling of recovered plastics

Key themes to emerge from this report are:

  • Plastic arising
  • Plastics collections
  • UK domestic plastic recycling needs to increase to meet targets
  • Export markets close the door on poor quality plastic
  • UK Plastics Pact
  • Increased demand for recycled content
  • A global challenge
  • Greater awareness of the environmental impact of mismanaged waste plastic
  • Policy changes supporting positive change