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Sustainability targets represent a tangible business opportunity

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Faced with a raft of environmental legislation, many manufacturers are rightly concerned about the significant costs to their businesses from the drive towards the circular economy.  Not least producer responsibility obligations, stringent recycling and decarbonisation targets.

However, sustainability measures are now increasingly embraced as an opportunity for product innovation. Once discarded materials are being repurposed and creating profitable revenue streams across a variety of different sectors, from plastics to wood, metal, paper, glass and aggregates.

Time for a fresh perspective?

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The waste sector is a key focus of discussion, with government pressure to reduce waste to landfill and to improve recycling rates, through taxation, initiatives such as the Deposit Return Scheme and even debated regulatory curbs on unnecessary disposal of goods by online retailers.

Learn more about The WasteVyne's customer feedback programme

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Are you looking to reduce customer churn to your competitors, to improve performance across your depots or sites, or even to improve collaboration within your teams? Then you will certainly benefit from hearing what your customers have to say.  This short video provides further information on our objective approach and how your business can benefit. 

The WasteVyne works in partnership with Freelance Marketing to offer you a range of market research, marketing & sales services for the waste sector.  Call us to find out more.