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Is a sales agency agreement a waste of time?
Ken Davidson
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Is a sales agency agreement a waste of time?

The merits of operating through sales agents to bring in additional leads has been a longstanding debate, not least in companies which employ their own representatives. You might think that only smaller companies, with limited staff resources, may benefit from outsourced commercial support. However targeted assistance from experienced industry professionals can tap into valuable networks and generate new revenue streams that could otherwise have been missed.   

The WasteVyne represents a number of large clients operating in the waste recycling sector, connecting companies across many industries. By pooling knowledge of different markets and alternative waste treatment solutions, your waste can be turned into a profitable resource.    

We have broad industry experience – some practical examples of this include:  

  • Market leading multinational chemicals manufacturer – we provided commercial support & facilitated market diversification within the plastic waste & water treatment (material recycling) sectors, representing a departure from their traditional business.  
  • Leading European manufacturer of domestic/industrial fuels – we identified discarded materials suitable for repurposing, within the scope of their existing technologies/IP, for transformation into more sustainable new/existing products.     
  • Manufacturers of high value capital equipment – we targeted niche material recycling sectors to identify markets with high revenue/growth potential & provided tangible sales leads.   
  • Regional mineral processing operation – we maximised opportunities to produce/sell recycled discarded materials as sustainable construction products.  

Our in-depth experience of the waste & recycling sectors, coupled with over 30 years’ exposure to many different industries, can help forge new opportunities & develop new cross-sector partnerships.   

If you are a manufacturing/industrial company looking for materials that you can repurpose/remanufacture, perhaps even using your existing technologies & know-how, then we would love to discuss how our sales agency approach could work for your organisation.  

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