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Ken Davidson
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What colour should I choose?

Differentiation in the waste sector

Being clear on what sets you apart may not always be obvious.....

Consider asking your customers why they buy from you, what aspects of your service they value, if they perceive anything as different or unique and which areas could be improved to really set you apart. Importantly, which of these areas are critical in their decision making and which might represent a tipping point for them to move to another supplier?

Do your analysis to see how this compares with competitor offers. Are there any gaps that you can capitalise on? Is there an opportunity to differentiate? That might also mean developing new services.

Once you are clear on your USP, you can use this to inform your marketing communications activity. And your sales people can also use it to overcome objections, moving the debate away from price, as well as ensuring that you are clear about the types of customers which you wish to target.

The WasteVyne is helping clients explore their key points of difference so that they can use this information to divert marketing communications and face to face sales presentations away from pricing debate to service performance and solution sales. 

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