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What Do I Get In The WasteVyne’s Research Package?
Ken Davidson
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What Do I Get In The WasteVyne’s Research Package?

We understand that some businesses may carry out their own customer research, using off-the-shelf survey tools. However, in-house set up and analysis can make your customers less willing to take part and, importantly, does not ensure impartiality.


We offer an added value approach to research for the waste sector. One that completely gets to the heart of what your customers really think about your service and your brand. And what might make them walk!

Our objectivity and confidentiality, in compliance with GDPR,  provides your customers with reassurance, enabling more authentic responses. It also shows that you are prepared to invest in improving their service experience.  

As professionals, with a combined total of over 60 years’ worth of commercial experience and a focus on the waste sector, we believe that we offer a unique research package.

No ‘monkey’ business! Just authentic, in-depth customer feedback and customer insight - in total privacy!    

Examples of the type of information that we have gathered from customers, on behalf of waste companies, include:

  • True perceptions of your brand and your full range of waste services.
  • How you compare to other waste companies – exactly what drives the sale (other than price)?
  • Service performance of individual sites or teams and how that feeds into overall perceptions.
  • Website interaction – what changes are required to help you increase your sales?
  • Early identification of issues and ‘triggers’ that might make your customers go elsewhere.
  • Potential for new waste services or markets, to help you develop your customer base.

By regularly connecting with your client base in this way, you can immediately highlight – and correct - any problem areas that can reduce customer churn. These areas may be comparatively easy to fix and can also be measured.

This proactive approach can really build loyalty, by demonstrating a strong customer focus. It can also bring fresh ideas to help build your business. The impact on your team can be highly motivational, since it can help them to better understand - and focus - on their own contribution.

The WasteVyne, in conjunction with our sister brand, Freelance Marketing, offers a dedicated customer feedback & research package for the waste sector, designed to meet your specific objectives. We don’t just measure customer satisfaction, we really get to grips with the key factors that contribute to long term success and have a thorough understanding, from years of successful projects, of how the waste sector works.

At a time when regular face to face contact with your customers is more challenging, due to Covid, we can also provide a remote means of gathering customer feedback. 


How do we do this?

  • We use advanced online survey tools to capture how you are performing and can set up benchmarks for regular surveys, to track performance. We can also compare your company to your competitors. A crucial question is, would your customers actually be prepared to recommend you? This is a key signal of potential business growth and also pinpoints the current situation. And it can be measured! 
  • We then enable customers to opt in to confidential interviews (telephone, video or face to face), to provide more in-depth explanations behind their responses. Our 360 degree package goes far beyond use of a simple survey, in order to draw out underlying pivotal issues, whilst making clear recommendations to help you move forward.    
  • Our research can also be used for continuous performance monitoring, for example quarterly, 6 monthly or annually. Using The WasteVyne as an outsourced service to do this also frees up your valuable staff resources, for the day to day running of the business.  
  • Results can be presented as data & graphics, but always with interpretive evaluation, designed to help you track changes in perception. This can also be fed back to your teams, to encourage them take ownership of the results. In fact, undertaking employee interviews is also something that we can add into the mix.


And did we tell you that we also undertake strategic desk research to investigate market opportunities – both in the UK and beyond? Potential new customers and new markets, of heightened importance, as Brexit approaches. 

If you’d like to discuss how our unique research package can help your waste business grow, we’d love to hear from you: 

Tel: 01748 825761           Or email us 

If you'd like some further examples of our research in action, please feel free to read our case studies below. 

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